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Solar water heating

Domestic hot water

Generating domestic hot water (DHW) from solar panels has moved into the mainstream. We can supply systems to heat most of your DHW for approximately 4 months of the year, in the remaining 8 months the incoming water will be heated to varying degrees by the system, so that even in winter the incoming 10degree water will be preheated to perhaps 30degrees before its topped off by the boiler/immersion. These savings make a significant improvement to your fuel bills. Importantly modern systems do not need direct sunlight, they will still be heating water on cloudy days.

Power costs have been increasing at about 10% annually, with our reliance on imported Gas from Russia and the Middle east, this is unlikely to change. Once funded, a solar system runs on a 40watt pump. If we assume that the solar system provides about 65% of a water required by the household and an equivalent electrical cost of 15p/kWh. The annual Hot Water cost is £635 for a house with 150 Litre tank. With  65% solar produced hot water that is a saving of £412/annum. So with a 10% increase / annum we are looking at 6-7 year payback for a typical cost of £4000. This can be further improved by the Government backed Renewable Heat Incentive which will pay a fixed income likely to be 19.2p for every kilowatt hour of heat produced.

There are a number of systems available, either Heat Tube collectors or Flatplate collectors. They are either installed over the top of the slates/tiles or the flatplate collectors can be mounted into the roof itself. This eliminates the need for slates/tiles on a new build or refurbished roof etc.

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